Autumn Wins

November in Ireland marks the start of Winter, but historically it’s also the start of a new year. It makes it a great time of the year to reflect and to make ZW promises before the craziness of that most wonderful time of the year.

For me that means that I am actually ready to start regularly updating again. Life happens and I have never been one to prioritise technology as time well spent. But it seems that as I do more workshops there is a demand for my recipes. So here seems like a good place to collect all the advice and wisdom I have gathered from wiser sources together. But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some opinion in there so lets start with some wins I had this past Autumn to start out on a positive note!

In Irish, Autumn is Fómhar meaning harvest. I think this one has been particularly bountiful! From left to right above there are dried borage flowers, blackberry and apple jam, elderberry cordial, and apple scrap vinegar made from our own apples. I also managed to make chutney from green tomatoes, dry nasturtium, pickle seeds for poor mans capers…. the list goes on! Now that we have had our first real frost I am looking forward to making some sloe gin and rose hip syrup. I’m not self- sufficient yet but it definitely feels like it is getting closer. And it has been way easier than I imagined! I have already gotten a head-start on next years veggie plot by saving seeds and by planting up my onions and garlic.

Let me preface this by saying I am not a good sourdough mother. I neglect Allanah more than I should and she in fairness to me has never let me down. But I finally think I am getting places with my sourdough baking. On the left are crackers. Yes, that’s right ZW crackers!! This has been a long-time struggle of mine as I am a savory snacker and cheese and crackers was my go to. You use any waste starter you may have for them, so they are truly ZW! This is not a Molly original recipe but rather one from the infinitely more talented Anne Marie at Zero Waste Chef. Follow the link on crackers to the recipe. Feel free to customise it like I do by topping with poppy seeds, adding pepper/ herbs or simply cutting it into cute shapes. On the right is my loaf of bread. This is adapted from a Paul Hollywood recipe. It takes about 2 days to do but it is worth it. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you smell that bread baking… Mmmmmm!


I went on holidays this month! I love traveling and not only has it been a while but this time it was to somewhere sunny! ZW traveling is hard. Getting all your ZW necessities through security and fitting everything onto Ryanair carry ons can be challenging! Convincing overworked, stressed out stewards to not give you plastic and to use your containers is hard and sometimes embarrassing. Guys, it went off almost without a hitch. Pro-tip: if one of your travel buddies does not do well on under 4 hours sleep do not leave them in charge of emptying the water bottles. They might refill them instead, and you will have to drink a liter and a half of water in front of security to keep your bottles (all that downing pints was practice for something). Also that will be the flight where you are on the window seat and have to go to the bathroom constantly due to aforementioned water. So empty your bottles smile sweetly and all will be well!

So that is 3 of my wins since September. Obviously there are more but these are the easiest to document. I hope everyone is tracking their hippy wins, forgetting the losses and is looking forward to more posts! Until next week, hippys!

One thought on “Autumn Wins

  1. I just came across your blog and I look forward to following it! Thanks for writing it and do keep it up!! And thank you for your efforts to be a zero waster – it’s inspiring.


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