Give ’em hell kid

I was an emo teenager. Or as emo as one could be on a broke teen budget and without access to the internet. No embarrassing myspace or bebo page to make me cringe! I had the heavy liner and the fringe in my eyes, blasted MCR and thought the world didn’t understand me in my outrageous colours! (Getting serious flashbacks as I type!)

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A Year of Living Sustainably

Or the little greenhouse that could

It’s January. It’s that time to make promises that seem great in a post toasting haze and reflect on how your old ones went. Last year I didn’t really make resolutions. Not any big ones so instead this will be a reflection on my larger goal. If my tagline and badly updated bio aren’t all an obvious indicator, I am always trying to live more sustainably. Part of this incorporates self-sufficiency. I think sometimes self- sufficiency is seen as cutting yourself off from the world, just me here alone making my wine coolers for one. But really in my journey to be that neighbour who is just throwing food at you every time you pass the door (in a nice way) there have been a lot of peeps helping me out. Doing it myself comes on the back of lots of help. This is a post about community, sustainability, and a successful year in the garden told through the medium of making passata.



Zero Waste, Zero miles and all the delicious.

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Hierarchy of Hippy Hair-care

What would I be if I didn’t blog my utter failures? It’s not all happy hippy floating around here. Sometimes you almost wax your eyebrows off making a homemade mask (Shout-out Mies who was right there trying to frantically scrub it off)

Shortly before disaster!

This is a story of failure, even if honestly it was the best choice. So as haircare hippys, we like to confuse people with weird abbreviations, like poo for shampoo. Shampoo, low poo, no- poo- what the poo? Confusion for days! This post is dedicated to green hair care and demystifying some of those random words thrown about to scare you. There will be awful selfies and stolen (with permission) product pics.

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My Drunken Kitchen- Home brew edition

So this weekend I had a glorious Sunday where I was surprisingly, not working. I had a lie-in. Well ish. As in I stayed in bed reading up on bamboo and didn’t bother putting on pants. I even had time to update you all. A good friend had her hen party this weekend so I blocked it off to celebrate with her. Now of course, when one thinks of an Irish hen one imagines a lot of drinking. And seeing as this week I had no wildflower walk to prep for I thought I would share another foraged recipe, with alcohol for the weekend that is in it.

Introducing Gorse wine!

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